How to fix Internet not working problems

 Reasons for why is my Internet not working on the phone


Mobile and wireless data are one of the items that you want to use every time, just after your first mobile handset has been purchased. If you lose communication you understand that you can get all information there, like sharing directions through Google Maps or any data or conversation through WhatsApp messenger.

There are several reasons why the Internet is not working in Windows 10 and Smartphone, which cease to operate on your Internet connection. The several reasons why your Internet doesn't work on your mobile are:

  1. Incorrect names for access points (APNs): It is there to connect the mobile Internet from your mobile network provider. It sets the phone to connect you with all the essential settings, such as IP addresses and gates.
  2. Wrong IPv4/IPv6 settings: In APN settings on all phones, this feature do not appear, but certain devices allow you to leave fields blank for the APN Protocol. Make sure IPv4/IPv6 is the same for the configurations in your network's APN.
  3. Wrong APN password: This is a sad and rare event to get out of the box after Android apps upgraded in your APN settings and when the automatic reset fails to overcome this question, you may have to manually input your APN password.

There's a decent portion of the cache memory on your computer which cause Internet connection problem. In the cache, data is saved "on the back burner" for different applications and processes and automatically triggered so that apps and processes boot up quicker and resolve Internet connection.

How to fix an Internet connection on Mobile?

Do not worry when you encounter problems with mobile connection, because you can fix them quickly in several ways by troubleshooting Internet connection issues. Most of these are very simple, which are given below:

  1. Want to reset your cell phone: The users across the web are getting help to fix the Internet by restarting the mobile phone and repair it. They function in many cases, as cliché, as this approach may sound suspicious, but it's everything you need to do occasionally.
  2. Verify if you are in the mode of the mobile is Airplane: Several times the Smartphone knowledge is not functioning in settings errors. Although it sounds dumb, missing such things is natural and humane.
  3. Check if you are using the right mobile network: Another possible simple solution to your mobile data woes is checking if you’re using the correct connectivity. Certain mobile network channels have connection limitations and based on your mobile device, your phone may not connect to the Internet well.

Another way to fix the Internet connection problem is by re-inserting your SIM card. Sometimes, rebooting the communication between your phone and SIM card is enough to fix many cellular data issues and you must turn off your phone before removing your SIM card.

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