How to recover Yahoo password without phone number or email?

Founded in January 1995, Yahoo is one of the early pioneers of internet. Back in the early 1990’s when internet culture had just started pouring in; Yahoo came into existence provoking the culture of internet even more. Headquartered in California, company is owned by Verizon Media. Sitting down? Data at yahoo were breached in the recent years so Yahoo conveyed every user to change the password for the security purpose but it is reported from last many years that rising number of problem of recovery of the yahoo account faces by many existing use due to fear of cybercriminals or black cats floating in the network. Avail the services offered by yahoo of maps, and videos which together has influenced the big market of Digital world. Explore this guide to recover your yahoo account by using these simple steps mentioned below. 

Yahoo account is among the prominently used email services on the internet. This account can be used to access Yahoo services as well as various other applications. Today when internet is on the seventh sky and social media has started trending this much therefore, we need to remember so many passwords that we often end up forgetting few.  And if we end up forgetting Yahoo password, for Yahoo account recovery there are few easy-going steps that one needs to follow. Talking about how to recover yahoo password, ways are same just like any other social website or application.

Let’s start the recovery process of Yahoo account

Increase the security features by implementing two-factor authentication with the account or other necessary inbuilt features to prevent the attacks from breaching data. Stick with the below steps to recover yahoo account.

  1. In the first step effort, Head-in to the homepage of yahoo account recovery page.
  2. In the next step, in the fields you have to enter Yahoo ID and the password.
  3. A page redirects you to the option “Do you have access to this email”
  4. Tap yes.
  5. In the next move, you click on send me an account key.
  6. Further, you will receive a verification code on your registered mail id or the phone number.
  7. Concurrently, you enter the received code in the given field.
  8. Tap continue.
  9. In the last step effort, you can easily make a combination of strong password.

But there is no need to worry anymore if we have the most suitable approach to recovery yahoo account. It’s Time to rise above the complexity of the recovery process of the yahoo account, and to prevent hackers to breach the data that is worsening the situation around, so practice proper computer hygiene to be in safe mode or delete Yahoo account

Further, if you are seeking immediate assistance or for the solution you may call directly to the customer support specialist for Yahoo account recovery and other related queries. Check thoroughly all the above steps to know more in-depth about the process. There are three ways to recover Yahoo account given below:

  1. Using recovery Email
  2. Using recovery phone number
  3. Security questions

Using recovery mail or phone numbers are the most basic steps for resetting password for any networking site. But the question arises here is How to recover yahoo password without phone number or email. Alternative way of Yahoo account recovery is security questions in easy steps like:

  1. Visit the homepage of yahoo account.
  2. Tap the option sign in and then click I don’t remember the password.
  3. Enter your yahoo email id.
  4. A window with account recovery options of mail, phone and security questions will pop up. Click on the option of security questions.
  5. For answering security questions you need to keep in mind which questions did you taken while making your account.
  6. Once you have answered all the questions, a link will be sent to your mail with your new password.
  7. Login and change your password with something you won’t forget.

It is not a very new situation when users tend to forget majorly when a person handles so many accounts on a daily basis or different websites. Also, take note that using the same password for multiple sites makes it more susceptible to attack. 

How to recover Yahoo password using recovery mail?

If a user forgets the credentials of the Yahoo account, don’t get locked as Yahoo offers an easy option to recover mail account password. For Yahoo account recovery, there are two ways which user can easily access through i.e. phone number or recovery email. The process of recovering the account is Yahoo Account recovery. The steps involved in the recovery procedure are mentioned below:

  1. Go to the login page of Yahoo account in the web browser.
  2. Enter the email address whose password is forgotten and click Next.
  3. On the next page, click the link of Forgot password to start password recovery.
  4. After that, there are two options of recovery:
    • Phone number- In this option, the user enters the phone number to receive a verification code. The code received on the phone is then entered in the given blank field to verify identity. 
    • Email- The users enter the recovery email already linked with the Yahoo account to get the verification code. Yahoo sends a code on the email and it is then used for identity verification. 
  5. If a user does not have access to the phone, then email verification is used. 
  6. Further, the user is provided with an option to create a new password for the account.
  7. The new password is then used to sign-in into the Yahoo account.

How to recover Yahoo password using Security Question?

  1. Land on a web browser and go to from its search bar. 
  2. Put the username to get back in the sign-in page and then press.
  3. You will be taken to the Yahoo account recovery page where you need to select any one recovery option. And you can choose recovery by answering security questions. 
  4. When the question gets displayed in front of you, then you need to answer it which should be the same when you created the account. Tap “Next”. 
  5. Yahoo will be checking the answer and allow you to create a new password. Make sure that you create a password that is unique and easy to remember. 
  6. Tap “OK” to confirm.

How to recover yahoo password without a phone number?

  1. Visit the authenticated yahoo website and try to attempt to log in by pressing to sign in button
  2. The next step is to select trouble signing in the link on the screen of your device.
  3. Users have to input either your login email address that the user has given in alternate at the time of making the account that will be the recovery email address.
  4.  In case If you still have admittance or have access to the email you had entered, tap "Yes, send an Account Key" and the key will be sent to your email in no time. If not, then tap I don't have admittance or access to this email address anymore.
  5. And move to another option for recovering the yahoo account.

How to recover yahoo password without an email address?

  1. If you've elapsed or do not remember your password, tick on the box that says  "I can't access my Account" link in the sign-in interface on your screen.
  2.  Check the "I have an issue with my password" menu on the device screen.
  3. Hit "Next" an email that is straight on how to recover your password will be sent to your alternative phone number soon that the user gave during the time of making the account.
  4. Input your other phone number that is alternative after clicking forget yahoo password,  after that followed by the CAPTCHA code plus user will get a message with a directory on how to recover your yahoo account.

How to recover yahoo without security questions?

  1. Visit the authenticated yahoo website and try to attempt to log in by pressing to sign in button
  2. The next step is to select trouble signing in the link on the screen of your device.
  3. Users have to input either your login email address that the user has given in alternate at time of making the account that will be the recovery email address.
  4.  In case If you still have admittance or have access to the email you had entered, tap "Yes, send an Account Key" and the key will be sent to your email in no time. If not, then tap I don't have access to this email address anymore. 

When you meet a hurdle or face any issue, then the user can without any pain or hassle resolve all issues by calling on Yahoo's toll-free number provided on the website of yahoo or go to yahoo account recovery page. Instead, you can recover using your security question by clicking Forgot Password then  Recommended Option after that Submit, then click on  Next then type CAPTCHA code as to  Use my Secret Questions, press Next and finally  Answer the secret questions.

If the user is still looking for a solution to recover Yahoo Account using a recovery email, the technical support team of Yahoo can be contacted. The details of contact to reach customer support is available on the official website of Yahoo. So, go through with the mentioned above steps and make sure to fill exact information while going through with the same. Hope, you got enough information about how to recover Yahoo password or account easily. 

How to recover a Deleted Yahoo account?

Yahoo user accounts may get deleted sometime by mistake or on purpose, which they can get back through recovery. You can perform the deleted Yahoo account recovery task by providing either of your recovery data during the procedure. This recovery data composes your registered email or phone number. Moreover, the steps you have to carry for recovery of your deleted Yahoo account are as below:

  1. Visit Yahoo home page and move to sign in tab
  2. Type email ID, then select “I forgot my password”
  3. After this, press on “Yes, send me a verification code” link
  4. Then wait to receive a security code from Yahoo in your registered mobile number
  5. After receiving code go back to Yahoo recovery tab
  6. Now, type that security code correctly in the assigned field
  7. Next press submit and let Yahoo do the account verification
  8. Once it is done, you will be moved in password reset page
  9. Now create a new password for your deleted Yahoo account to get back the access

These are the steps to Recover a deleted Yahoo account successfully. Apart from this, you have permission to contact Yahoo support for help, which you may need while facing trouble during recovery. Or you can also contact them to resolve other Yahoo service-related issues.



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