Why is Gmail not receiving email? Get solution to fix

Today every other person uses Gmail for exchanging mails and hence if you want, you can sign up for a Google/Gmail account with the help of one username and password. A lot of users often complain of forgetting the password of Gmail and then face problems to log in. And not just the password but a lot of people also face the issue of not receiving emails on their Google account. If you are also one of them then follow below-given details to fix the issue.

Want to fix if Gmail not receiving emails from Outlook

A lot of users often complain of not receiving emails in their accounts. There are a lot of common errors or issues because of which Gmail stops receiving mails. And even if you use Gmail through any other application also like Outlook then tap below for the steps to fix it. Follow below-given steps to fix Gmail not receiving emails from outlook.

Steps to fix Gmail not receiving emails from outlook

  1. If as a user, you are facing issues in receiving emails, then here are the basic steps to fix the problem. 
  2. First of all, check the internet connectivity of your device. In case there is an issue related to the internet then users won't be able to log in their Gmail account. 
  3. Secondly, check if you have entered the correct username and password. In case you forget the password of your Gmail account, you can't log in or receive any mail. 
  4. Clear the inbox of your Gmail from time to time. In case you forget to clear the unwanted emails from the account, you won't be able to receive new ones. 
  5. Update the Google browser to access the Gmail feature of the application.

How Do I fix if Gmail not receiving emails on iPhone?

  1. Suppose if you access Gmail on iPhone and are not able to receive emails on your account, then follow the below-given steps.
  2. Update the IOS of your device to be able to use online applications.
  3. Make sure you have not blocked the user whose mail you are expecting.
  4. Clear all the cache files from the Google browser.

And with the help of these steps, one can easily fix Gmail not receiving emails 2020. For more details, contact the customer care team. 

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