Why is EarthLink email not working?

Have you been facing issues with your EarthLink email account? Well, worry not many users face problems with their email accounts but one can easily troubleshoot them. Besides, EarthLink email account issues are usually common and it takes simple troubleshooting to fix them. Hence, read further to know about the simple hacks to fix the EarthLink problems.

Why Is EarthLink Email not working?

The following are the major reasons that might have caused your EarthLink Web mail down issue.

  • Connectivity issues
  • Server outage
  • Incorrect EarthLink configuration issues
  • Too much browser cache
  • Disablesd Cookies
  • Server issues
  • Other problems

Top Hacks To Fix EarthLink Problems

Fixing EarthLink Issues In iPhone

  1. If your EarthLink not receiving email in your iPhone device, then here’s what you can do about it.
  2. Navigate to the Home screen of your iPhone, then select the Settings option, and then scroll down to the ‘Mail, Contacts, and Calendar’ option.
  3. Next, select the option, then tap on the Hosting account, and then get started with configuring the ‘Incoming Server Settings’.
  4. To do this, scroll to the ‘Advanced’ button, then enter the Hostname, Username and Password as required and then ensure to disable the Use SSL option.
  5. Now, enter 110 as the ‘Incoming server port’, and then you’ll need to configure the ‘Outgoing Server Setting’ server.
  6. Hence, scroll down to the ‘Outgoing server settings’ option, tap on it, and then select the ‘Primary Server’ name.
  7. Now, again enter the Hostname, Username and the Password in their respective fields, and then disable the ‘Use SSL’ option.
  8. Next, mention 110 as Outgoing server port, and then hit the ‘Done’ button to finish the server setup.

Check Your Internet Connection

In case, if your internet connection is not working properly, then switch to the other connection or contact your ISP to get better assistance on troubleshooting the issue.

Clear The Web Browser Cache

The web browser cache can restrict you from accessing your EarthLink email account services. Hence, you’ll need to delete the cache and cookies files from it and then restart it followed by logging into your account. Also, you can delete the cache files from your respective web browser’s settings section.

Moreover, if your email account is still not working, then you can contact the EarthLink email Tech Support experts. They will surely help you out with the best solutions and information to troubleshoot the issues.

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