How do I cancel my Norton subscription?

Norton subscription provides different types of software protection services, ones that are hard to find in a single place. Although quite useful for the majority of the users, sometimes people move to a position where they no longer need these services; hence the cancellation of this service is the only way to approach this situation. 

Getting a subscription is always easy; you just need to give some basic personal details and make the initial payment to save your credit card details for future transactions, and you're done. However, the process of getting a refund through cancellation is a bit complex, and you would need the help of Norton customer service personnel for this job. The following article will give you a clear picture of the process. 

How do you cancel your Norton subscription?

Different regulations govern the process of cancellation and how the amount goes back into your account. Before you start with the process, it is important you know the following points pertaining to the Norton account deactivation. 

  1. Once canceled, your membership will continue if you have already paid for the particular month. Once you have utilized the service associated with the account payment, your subscription will end. After this, there will be no automatic renewal of the subscription charges. 
  2. As per the Norton cancellation policy, after cancelation, any benefit associated with the automatic renewal scheme will also be disconnected. 
  3. Please note that the cancellation will start reflected in your account after a few hours of the actual action. 

Now you can cancel your subscription through the account settings option on the official website. If this becomes too difficult or confusing, you can also take help from the customer care team. 

How do I turn off Norton automatic renewal?

Norton adopted the automatic renewal system to ensure that the customers get uninterrupted services while putting a halt to their experience. For this purpose, at the time of your subscription, or when you were paying for the service for the first time, the system asks you to enter your account details and allow the system to turn on the automatic charging system. So, to get the Norton cancel subscription refund, you need to:

  1. Log into your account through the official website of Norton. 
  2. Select the 'My Norton' and open the setting section. 
  3. Open the account renewal setting tab and find the automatic subscription renewal option. 
  4. Click on it to push the slider in the off-direction. 
  5. Click the confirmation. 

Once done, you can remove your card details to stop the process altogether. 

How will you cancel your Norton subscription and get a refund?

In most cases, the turning off of the auto-renewal service means cancellation of the monthly services, but if you have already been charged and need a refund for the same, then you need to cancel the service you no longer need and, from the official website, fill out the Norton cancellation form to apply for the refund. This form is available under the 'Members Service & Support' link found on the support page. 

  1. Reach the Norton contact support page and select the cancel and renew option. 
  2. Next, select the link that suits your issue the best.
  3. Afterward, if not already signed in, you would have to sign in. 
  4. Then you will be presented with the contact options; select the refund request form.
  5. Fill out the asked details and submit the form. 

The support team will tell you about the next step and if you need to take any further steps. 

Can I cancel Norton at any time?

Being a customer of this company gives you many benefits, including the cancellation privilege. You, as a customer, have the right to cancel the membership anytime. However, note that Norton follows the 60-Days-Money-Back guarantee scheme. This allows you to cancel your subscription through the website or the Norton cancel subscription phone number and get the entire amount back. So, you have the right to get a full refund, even after 60 days of using the services.  

But once this 60 days period is over, the company might charge you some cancellation fee. Therefore, discussing with a support agent will give a better chance of receiving more refund. 

Don't hesitate to connect with support personnel and ask for clarification. They work 24/7 and will be available any time you call. 


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