Facebook Password Reset Code not Working

Forgetting your Face account password is not a new thing as every user confronts such kinds of situations once in a while. There are thousands of users who face this problem all over the world and they find difficulties accessing their Facebook account back which is only possible after recovering it. Facebook proffers the numerous options for account recovery that one can use to recover their account and every process always needs a password reset code that verifies your Facebook account. But sometimes many circumstances come when the password reset code doesn’t work and shows some unknown error.

Why is Facebook Password Reset Confirmation Code not Working?

Want to reset your Facebook account password using your reset confirmation code? But suddenly it has stopped working and shows some unwanted errors? Then there could be plenty of reasons behind the Facebook password reset confirmation code not working issue and some of them are given below:

  1. Using an older password reset code.
  2. Enter the same code multiple times.
  3. Due to the network issue on your phone.
  4. Using an improper way of entering the code.
  5. The phone number is not listed on that account.
  6. Using the expiry code.

How to Fix If Facebook Password Reset Code is not Working? 1-820-999-3139

If you want to reset your Facebook password, then you must enter the password reset code for that. But if your confirmation code is not working, then you can simply resolve this issue with the help of simple steps. If you want to fix the Facebook code generator not sending SMS issues or other things, then you can follow the below steps:

  1. Make sure that you are requesting the code on the same number which is registered to your Facebook account.
  2. Remove any kind of a signature at the last of the SMS that could be also interfaced while getting the SMS.
  3. You can also try to send On or FB to 32665.
  4. Wait for about 24 hours in order to check that there is no delay in message delivery.

Recovering Facebook Password Without Confirmation Reset Code

Has someone hacked your Facebook account and do you want to recover your password? But not getting any reset confirmation code on your phone number? Then don’t think too much about that as you can also reset your password without a confirmation code using the other options for recovery.

Facebook password recovery without confirmation reset code:

• First of all, you need to visit the official Facebook sign-in page from your browser.
• Enter the email address or username that password you wish to recover and then click on the Login tab.
• Now click on Forgotten Password? Link.
• After that, you can select password recovery via the email address, and then a password reset code will be sent to your alternate email ID.
• Now you need to enter the received code and then click on the Submit tab.
• Now you can easily type a new password for your Facebook account and then confirm it after re-entering.

You will be able to recover your Facebook password without a confirmation reset code with the help of the above-given steps if the password reset code is not working properly. But in case you are still not capable of resetting your password or have other issues, then contact the support team of Facebook for relevant assistance.

How can I change my Facebook password without my old password and email?

Facebook passwords are necessary from the security point of view as they protect your account from malicious activities online. Facebook strongly recommended having a strong password, and one must not share with anyone to keep the account secure.

However, at times, people often forget their password and cannot access their Facebook account. If you need help with this, you have come to the right place. We will have a look at the steps that one must take if they wish to change or regain access to their account without having access to the old password and recovery email.

How to change the Facebook password without the old password?

Facebook users must stick to an alternate mobile number to recover the account. The password reset option is easily accessible using an alternate mobile number. If you cannot access your alternate email address, then the phone number is surely going to help change your Facebook account password.

Users need to stick to the step-by-step guide mentioned below to perform Facebook password change. The steps are:

• Open your web browser and type the following to initiate your account recovery: facebook.com/login/identify.
• Users need to enter their email address associated with Facebook and hit the next option to reach the password page on the sign-in window.
• Select the ‘Forgot password’ option to navigate to another window where you need to select an option to proceed with the recovery of your account.
• You will select the alternate mobile number option to get a code for accessing your account.
• After receiving the code, enter it where prompted and hit the submit option.
• After the authentication of your account, you will get access to the password reset page.
• Create a new password. Re-enter the same as required and save the changes.
• Attempt login using your new password to open your Facebook account.

In the case of an issue or compilation, users must connect with someone from the customer service department for help and support. Visit the ‘help and support section on the application for more details.



User Cheryl March 12, 2021

The recovery code is not working would not go through saying try again

User wiliam smith March 8, 2021

very helpful article about Facebook password issues and recovery process, as I was searching this information to resolve the Facebook password problems

User uddin siyam May 7, 2021

My Facebook account rest password

User Natasha Furry October 7, 2021

My code is not working. It keeps say unknown error try again later. How do I get it to work so I can get into Facebook.

User Mashud rana May 20, 2021

Facebook password and gmail Password change my account

User Alanna Burgos July 7, 2021

I keep getting "unknown error" when creating a new password after my account has been hacked and I was sent a code to my email to change it. Why?

User Racheal Jett November 15, 2021

My account was hacked can’t get bk into it with the code they sent me via email, saying unknown error?

User Adrianna Payen December 9, 2021

My Facebook was hacked and email, password and phone number on my account were all changed. Then they deleted my account. I was able to put a secondary email to send me the code but when I enter the code it says unknown error every time. I need help!

User Beth Kreoll December 17, 2021

The recovery code is not working would not go through saying try again. When I request a new code they send me the same code.

User Connie Bates January 6, 2022

Csnt get code to go thru I think it’s still locked

User Mary m zeron January 11, 2022

I can not log into Facebook a new code was sent me this morning. Will not take the code

User Angela York January 22, 2022

Facebook reset code not working it keeps saying unknown error

User Bonny Edwards January 28, 2022

the rest password they sent is not working keeps saying error an my account is still locked due to hackers

User Ronda Patch February 10, 2022

The reset password security code is not working keeps saying error on m account and it is still locked. Can you help with this?

User Tara Ayres March 2, 2022

Facebook recovery code not working Please help

User Randolph Glick March 15, 2022

Facebook password change code not working. On PC it says code does not match, on iphone it says unknown error. Can you help please? Thanks, Randy

User Julie T March 18, 2022

Trying to reset fb because of being hacked. When they send a code to emails and it says I have tried to many times, even though I only tried once

User Michelle T March 23, 2022

per Facebook request, submitted the photo of my ID; received email with code quickly. But the code send me to the page that says: Michelle your account has been blocked…we will help you unlock your account via a few steps…..submitting ID, got a code via email….

User Kerry hallam March 27, 2022

Cannot get into my account have sent photo I.d and got sent code but keeps saying error really need my account back only memoi have of my dad ie pics please help

User Erica March 31, 2022

My Facebook was hacked, I can finally get email codes, however when I enter the code I get unknown error message. I have tried through different ways, phone, tablet, ect. I am unable to do it through a friends Facebook as my page does not show up on any of my friends pages anymore. I have sent my ID to prove it’s me and got a code that still doesn’t work. How can I get my Facebook back? Please help.

User Scott Haase April 2, 2022

Please help! Every time I get sent a code it tells me “error” or that I’ve tried too many times. I submitted my ID and everything. Nothing is working to get back in my account. I need back in my FB.

User Melissa Linfield April 19, 2022

My account was hacked. Everytime I try and change the password etc. I always get the code doesnt work. Or I have tried to many times. I thought I could trust someone who made me their "Trusted contact" it changed all of my stuff. I havent been able to get in ever since. I need help

User Kurt Blankenburg April 20, 2022

Keep getting error message when trying code and or trying new password, please help me

User Stephanie Wilson April 20, 2022

I am having the same problem. I can get to a new code but every time I enter the code I either get "wrong code" or "tried too many times." I am at a loss.

User amanda preece April 22, 2022

My facebook got hacked after submitted ID they put my email back on my account but everytime i try to reset my password the code wont work. On PC it says code does not match, on iphone it says unknown error. Can you help please?

User TYSON ALLEN May 9, 2022

My Facebook was hacked, I can finally get email codes, however when I enter the code I get unknown error message. I have tried through different ways, phone, tablet, ect. I am unable to do it through a friends Facebook as my page does not show up on any of my friends pages anymore. I have sent my ID to prove it’s me and got a code that still doesn’t work. How can I get my Facebook back? Please help.

User Ravan May 11, 2022

I keep getting the same code generated and when I enter the code it says invalid code.

User James Collins May 20, 2022

Facebook sent code entered and they say it’s incorrect as listed, ask for a new one 15 times they sent the same one

User Jenni Combs June 18, 2022

My passcode not working. It say wrong code. I requested new one but I keep getting the same code. I’ve been locked out over a week. Please help

User Greg Hartford July 9, 2022

My Facebook account may have been hacked. Friend requests were sent using it. I notified friends then immediately was taunted by either hackers or opportunists. I next tried to change my password but kept getting errors. Then was told I must wait 24 hours which I did. After 24 hours I tied once and was told I reached my limit. Every time I enter the PW recovery code, I am told that it does not match! This is crazy.

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