How to solve problems with Hotmail account?

Hotmail is one of the most used platforms to get official mail and it helps you to ease your official mailings when you know all the key shortcuts. Lately, some of its users are complaining about not receiving emails on Hotmail. To resolve this problem, we have come up with a solution.

How to fix Hotmail not receiving emails on Android?

If you are not getting any emails on android, you can follow the guidelines to fix the issue:

  1. At first, check and verify your internet connection
  2. Check on the airplane mode as well
  3. Update your Hotmail app if the problem is there
  4. Try to restart your android phone
  5. Turn on the Mail Sync option from the setting in the app
  6. You will also need to turn on the data Sync on android
  7. Check the internal storage and free up some space
  8. Clear cache
  9. Check the passwords and spam folder
  10. These are the main reasons why you are not getting emails on your mobile. You can check them to fix the issue.

How to fix Hotmail not receiving emails from Facebook?

If you use Hotmail to get notifications from Facebook, you need to check:

  1. Your spam and junk filter in the app and remove Facebook if it selected there
  2. Turn on the mail notification
  3. Check the cache in the Facebook as well as Hotmail app
  4. If you still face the issue, you can contact customer support by dialing the number present on Google.

How to fix Hotmail not receiving emails from Gmail?

If you are facing an issue with the Gmail notifications, you can check the following option in the app:

  1. You need to unblock your email address and Gmail in the Hotmail settings
  2. To do that, you can click on the Gear setting at the Hotmail and then view the Hotmail setting 
  3. Check the block list and trash bin of the Hotmail
  4. If you find Gmail, remove it from there
  5. You can try adding the Gmail and email senders to the safe sender domains
  6. You need to delete all the unnecessary emails from the one drive as storage might be the problem
  7. You can check the Hotmail rules and edit them if required
  8. You can clear cache from Gmail as well as the Hotmail app.

If you still face the same problems with your Hotmail account, try to log in again. You can also contact the customer services of Hotmail. You can get the contact details on Google where you can get the answers of how to fix Hotmail not receiving emails on Android, Facebook, or Gmail.

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