Hotmail Account Recovery Process

Hotmail is used by many of the working professionals for exchanging emails, managing tasks, and looking after the contact list. Hence if you need an email platform for exchanging emails only for official purpose then Outlook also known as Hotmail can be used. And if in case you forget the password of your account and are not able to access your mail then kindly follow the steps of Hotmail account recovery given below.

Hotmail, currently known as Outlook, is becoming a popular service for the users who are looking for a cloud-based email service. And with such incredible service offered by Hotmail, the service providers have introduced some security policies to ensure the safety and privacy of the account.

Steps to recover lost Hotmail account password

  1. To recover the lost password, firstly visit the official web page and click on the account recovery link.
  2. Now for accessing the account, try entering your email, phone number or the Skype id and click on sign in
  3. To recover the lost password, you will be asked how to receive the security code. And now depending upon the availability, choose either mail or alternate phone number.
  4. If you choose a recovery phone number then you will receive a code on your text. Once received, enter the new password and re-enter to confirm
  5. Moving on if you select to receive the recovery code through phone number then you will get it on your text. Having done so, set a new password and re-enters to confirm.

And that's how you can recover the password with the help of the Hotmail account recovery code. Apart from forgetting passwords, another common issue faced by the users is deleted emails by mistake. Hence if you have also deleted your emails by mistake then you can take the help of the below points.

Methods to recover deleted emails of Hotmail

Suppose you had saved all your important work emails and ended up deleting them by mistake. It's always unfortunate to lose the important data but you can always recover it with few basic hacks.

  1. Try signing in your Outlook or Hotmail account using the email id and password.
  2. Next, click on the left side of the screen and right-click on deleted items. Now move on to the recovered deleted items on the right side.
  3. Scroll down to look for any mails. If not found then the deleted emails are completely removed from your account.
  4. And if found then move the cursor to the search bar and look for the texts you want to recover.
  5. Having selected, click recover, and okay. And with this, all your deleted emails will be restored back.

So, with the above steps, you can know how to recover deleted files in Hotmail. If in case, you have any doubt related to old Hotmail account recovery then you can contact the customer care at any point of the. 

How to regain access to the blocked Hotmail account 

However, the developers of Hotmail have the complete right to block certain accounts once they notice unusual activities or if a user breaks certain norms of Hotmail. In general, the accounts are blocked to protect it against fraud or abuse. So, for the users who are looking for the solution to recover a blocked Hotmail account, they can check out the information provided below.

Recovering blocked Hotmail account

For the users who are willing to restore their blocked Hotmail are required to follow the Hotmail Account Recovery steps mentioned below:

  1. For restoring a blocked Hotmail account, the user is required to visit the Hotmail recovery page. 
  2. Once the recovery page is launched, the user needs to provide the username of the Hotmail account that needs to be unblocked.
  3. Now, the user needs to enter the Captcha and proceed with the process. 
  4. Then, the user is required to provide the verification code generated by recovery options. 
  5. Further, the user needs to create a new password for the Hotmail account and unblock their Hotmail account.

Thus, in this way, the user can perform recovery for their blocked account. In case, if the user encounters any issue or with the procedure to recover a deleted Hotmail account, one can feel free to contact the Hotmail support to seek assistance and restore access to their account.









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