How Do I Communicate with Norton?

Norton is an antivirus software protection, and it is used on computers and laptops to protect your software. When you use the Norton on your laptop, it is not supported. Suppose you are facing any problem with Norton and don’t know how to communicate with them. You can use the different communication methods available on the website. You can use these options at any time on the website. When you use these different options, Norton will give you the best possible solutions as soon as possible. 

Use Various Ways to Communicate with Norton

Contact Norton on a phone call.

If you face any problem with Norton, you can contact customer services. If you don’t have a Norton customer service phone number, you will get the number by visiting the website. To get this number, you must visit the website, scroll down, and click on the contact us option. Now, you will see the phone numbers according to the region. You can select the contact number according to your region. When you select the number, you can dial 1 (855) 815-2726 through your android mobile or pc. When you dial the official phone number, you have to follow the IVR steps. After that, you will get in touch with the Norton customer service team, and you can raise the query over there. The team will give you the best possible solutions according to the query. They will try to sort out your query as soon as possible. 

Voice menu

  1. Dial 1 (855) 815-2726
  2. Press 2 for hardware assistance for your Norton Core router.
  3. Press 3 regarding help with Norton products designed for Microsoft Windows PCs.
  4. Press 4 regarding help with Norton products used for Macintosh.
  5. Press 5 for Norton products meant for mobile or tablet devices.
  6. Press 6 regarding account services as well as billing, card updates, refund, login, and common product questions.
  7. Press 7 for viruses and other security threats issues.
  8. Press 8 regarding Symantec enterprise products.
  9. Press 9 for Life Lock member assistance.
  10. Press 1 to hear all options again.

Norton Customer Service Hours

The Norton customer service hours are 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The best time to call Norton is early morning. 

Chat with Norton Support Team

If you require Norton phone number to get assistance from Norton, you can use the chat option. When you use the chat option, you will get the phone number. To get the phone number, you have to follow the steps:

  1. Visit the official website of Norton
  2. When you visit the Norton website of Norton, you have to go down and click on the chat option. 
  3. When you click on the chat option, you have to respond to the questions asked.
  4. When you respond to their questions, you can now raise your issue.
  5. When you raise your issue, the Norton customer service team will respond to your query as soon as possible. 

Use Complaint Forms.

If you have complaints from Norton customer service, you can use the complaint form and write your complaint to Norton. To use the complaint form, you have to follow the steps, and you will get the complaint form. Here are some steps:

  1. Go to the website of Norton
  2. When you go to the website, there is an option of a help box in the right corner, and you have to click on that.
  3. On the help box, you have to type “complaint form.”
  4. When the complaint forms, you have to enter the required details on the form.
  5. You have to click on the submit option when you provide the details. 
  6. Now, Norton will respond to your complaint as soon as possible. 

Send an Email to Norton (

Suppose Norton does not give you a reply on call and chat. In that case, you can send the email to Norton. You require the email address, Norton. To get the email address, you have to go to the website of Norton and click on the help option.

  1. When you click on the help option, you have to enter the search box Norton email address and click on the search option.
  2. You can see the results. After that, you will get the email address, and you can send the email, and they will give you a reply within 24 hours. They will respond to your query in 48 hours if they are busy. 

Connect Norton on Social Media.

To connect with Norton on social media, you have to follow their social links, and you will get in touch with them. If you require any assistance from them, they will give you a response to your query as soon as possible. Here are some social links that you can follow:

When you follow them on social media you can see their regular updates daily. 

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