How to access to SBCGlobal.Net eemail settings via Smtp Imap

SBCGlobal email account is widely used by users across the world due to its significant free webmail service. If you need to use this webmail account on your personal devices, enter the proper information about the webmail service using its email address and password.

How to access account with proper SBCGlobal email Settings:

To access your SBC Global email account on your desktop or mobile device, make some important settings of the email server. If you failed to do so, you are on the best page to learn the basic settings to find your SBCGlobal email account simply.

Following are the ways to set up SBCGlobal email account with ease:

  1. At first, turn on your device and then go to mail settings and click on the account button.
  2. Touch email and enter the correct email address and password to access and click on the IMAP mail server.
  3. Enter the correct email address and then select the port 995 number and click on the SSL/TLS services.
  4. Select the POP mail server and then follow the same process and enter the email address and select the port number 465.
  5. Click on the SSL/TLS service settings and then enter the password at the end of the task.

It requires SBCglobal.Net Email Settings with the help of SMTP and IMAP mail servers. Both servers would help you to send and receive emails without facing any trouble.

How to Configure SBCGlobal.Net Email Settings:

If you face any trouble in accessing your account or fail to configure your device, you should have proper information on email settings that would help you to recover your account and also assist you to share and receive information from the clients at any time.

Following are the ways to configure email settings:

  1. At first, go to the SBCGlobal account app and then enter the correct email address and password.
  2. Now select add account tab and then search email service and select SBCGlobal account and click on the mail server.
  3. Click on the IMAP mail server and then enter the email address and select the port number 995 and click on the SSL server.

Now select the SMTP mail server and enter the port number 465 and click on the SSL mail server and sync contact, calendar, and contacts and then enter the password finally.


Thus, it is important to understand that you are required to configure your SBCGlobal email account using its correct credentials with ease.

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