How to fix Facebook password not working problem

Every internet user was introduced to the world of social media networking by Facebook only. Facebook in today’s time is one of the most used social media applications. Ten years down the line of Facebook being launched, a lot of other apps have been launched but Facebook is still the jack of all trades on social media platforms.

We all know that Facebook is a technical application and requires an internet connection to access its features. However sometimes due to Facebook login problems in android phones or even laptops, users are not able to access their online applications. Apart from the login error, there are a lot of other common bugs that keep affecting the functioning of this online application.

Common issues faced while using Facebook account

If you come across the issue of Facebook Account Not Working in your device then it could possibly be because of any of these reasons. To find out about such issues in detail, tap below.

1. Facebook app not updated

The biggest and most common reason behind the Facebook app not working is its outdated version. To log in to the Facebook account, users either install the application or if required they even sign in using any web browser.  And for any kind of online browsing, you need to have access to updated applications. However, in between online browsing, we forget to update our Facebook application or the web browser we use. And in absence of the updated browser, Facebook stops working.

2. Forgetting the password or account getting blocked

Another reason why a lot of people end up facing problems in their respective Facebook accounts is because of losing the password or getting their account blocked. Every online application has its own security and privacy policy. And just in case any offensive element is being found in your account then your account can get blocked. However there are many people who keep on forgetting the password and meanwhile entering the wrong password, their accounts get blocked.

3. Internet issue

For running any application or program online, the internet acts like fuel. However, in the absence of a strong internet connection, you can’t even think of using Facebook. And just in case, your internet goes down while using Facebook then you won’t be able to use it till the connection resumes.

How to fix problems if Facebook not working properly?

If you are being constantly bugged by the issue of Facebook notifications not working or any other problem then you can try fixing it with the help of troubleshooting steps. Here are a few basic troubleshooting steps to resolve Facebook problems. 

Steps to fix Facebook not working

  1. Whether you use Facebook on any laptop or on mobile, keep a track of all the notifications related to application updates. Also, keep updating the Facebook app on a regular basis.
  2. If you use any web browser to sign in to Facebook then try to clear all the cache files regularly from the browser so that you don’t face any problem while opening any site on Facebook.
  3. In case you end up forgetting the password of Facebook then use the recovery methods being provided by the users to reset the password.
  4. Suppose if your Facebook account is being blocked due to violation of its any of the privacy policy then try to fix it. 

Facebook notification sound not working on android

Indeed, the services offered by the Facebook app are the finest, but there are a few users who have encountered issues like they are unable to receive any notification from the app. Fortunately, this issue is not such a major and can be resolved in time by trying out some of the basic solutions provided in this article.

For the users who are encountering notifications for Facebook not working on Android problems, here are some of the basic solutions that they can try out to receive notifications in time so that they can avoid missing out on any of the major events. Also, the user can feel free to reach out to the Facebook help center to seek the required help.

Quick fixes for unable to receive Facebook notifications

Ensure the app notification is enabled

To begin this process, the user is required to launch the Settings app on their device. 

Now, tap on the sound and notification option and opt for the app notification option. 

Further, pick Facebook from the list of apps and save changes.

Try clearing the cache

Further, to resolve Facebook login problem and notification option, it is suggested that the user clears the cache of the app and check if the issue is resolved or not.

Check for background data restrictions

For the users who have enabled power-saving mode on their device or battery saving app, they can encounter notifications issues with the Facebook app. So, try to disable the particular feature to receive notification in time. 

And hence following the above guidelines, Facebook errors can be resolved easily. But just in case you are not able to fix the problem still then reach out to the customer care service of Facebook.

How to fix when the Facebook app is not working well?

Are you facing any trouble in your Facebook account? Nowadays, Facebook has become a vital part of almost everyone’s life as it provides the platform to connect with your family and friends all in the same place. Because of this coming across any issues on Facebook can be pretty frustrating and disheartening for a person. Still a few times, Facebook users encounter some troubles while using its app. In that scenario, Facebook users might wonder why it is happening. So whatever issue might occur in your Facebook, all is fixable with some useful techniques. On this page, you will learn the solutions to fixing Facebook app notifications not working or any other error that might occur on it.

Remove cache:

Open device settings and navigate to App management

Further, an open Facebook app from the list

After that, clear cache data for Facebook app


Re-login to the Facebook app:

Logout from your Facebook app for once

After a while login again to check Facebook app is working fine or not


Update Facebook app:

Open the Google play store or another App store

Further, navigate to the Facebook app from all apps updates list

Then get the latest updated for your Facebook app

Some users also encounter Facebook password not working trouble that can happen when the user cannot recall it correctly and provide the wrong one. In that case, a Facebook user requires going for password recovery so that they can reset a new password. If you need assistance from an expert regarding your Facebook troubles, then contact its customer care center and to connect with one.

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