How to reset Gmail Password in few steps easily? Get it via verification code

Steps for how to reset Gmail password and verify via its verification code

Gmail is one of the best email services that has grown in its popularity from the passing years ever since it has been launched. With lots of interesting features of Gmail, people are fond of using this email. And just like any other email, this email is protected with a unique username and password that is created by the user itself. This username and password protect the Gmail and the data stored in it. Hence, it is advised not to share the password with anyone for safety reasons. But has also been observed that due to the increase of cyber threats and crimes, Gmail accounts are hacked by some unknown people. So, if you are such a users who has lost his Gmail account access then does not have to panic. He can follow the steps below to get back their Gmail account. 

Now, here are some simple steps for how to reset Gmail password easily!

  1. To reset gmail password, first open a web browser and go to Gmail.com from the search bar at the top.

  2. Enter the username and then tap “Next”.

  3. Now select the option of “Forgot Password?” from the bottom of the page. 

  4. The user will be redirected to your reset gmail password page where the user will be asked to select any one option. 

  5. If the user has selected the option of recovery using security question then answer the question correctly and he moves further.

  6. If the user has selected the option of recovery using email then check the email account linked to the account and tap “Send Email” option. 

  7. Follow the recovery instructions further from the recovery link to alternate email. 

  8. And in case you have selected the option of recovery using phone number then check the number linked to the account and then tap “Send Code”.

  9. Check the code received and tap “Next”.

  10. Gmail will allow the user to create a new password and hence this time he can create an easy to remember the password for himself. 

Hence, with the help of the above steps, one can easily get back his Gmail account. And in case anyone is still facing issues then he can contact Gmail password reset team directly.

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