How to Troubleshoot Blue Screen Error on Windows 10

Are you confronting Blue Screen Error on your Windows 10 and looking forward to learning the methods for fixing it? This Blue Screen Error is the most prominent issue that a Computer user might encounter earlier or later. The blue screen issue occurs due to unknown reasons and very frustrating for the users who have to deal with it. This Blue Screen Error of windows 10, technically called the fatal system or stop error. At the time this error occurs, your computer displays a Blue Screen and then restarts. Moreover, you can learn the methods for fixing the Computer Blue Screen Error on this page from the information given below.

Learn the best techniques to fix Blue Screen Error on Windows 10?

Windows 10 users confront the Blue Screen Error on the computer at the time when their operating system crashes down due to running into some issues that prevent the device from functioning safely. However, Blue Screen Error on Windows 10 is fixable with the help of some techniques as explained below:

Uninstall blocking applications

  1. First of all, open settings tab on your computer
  2. Further, move to the Apps section and select the Apps & features tab from there
  3. After that, you have to select the blocking application and hit the uninstall button

Remove upgrade files

  1. Go to the start button and open computer settings
  2. Next, you have to choose the system tab under settings and then go to the storage
  3. Further, navigate to the local disk under storage and select temporary files
  4. Next un-check all the other options and tick mark temporary windows installation files tab
  5. At last, press remove files button to clear the upgrade files from your Windows 10

Unplug non-essential hardware

  1. Windows 10 might also crash due to the issues with any non-essential hardware attached to your system
  2. Therefore you must unplug all the non-essential peripherals like printer,  external hard drive, USB cable, etc. before installing windows 10

Run clean installation

  1. Connect a bootable USB installation media to your computer and start it
  2. Further press next button and then tap on Install now
  3. Next, choose I don’t have a product key tab and then accept the license terms
  4. Then select the edition of Windows 10 if required and press next
  5. After that, tap on I accept license terms and press the next button again
  6. Then on the windows setup screen choose the customer options to install windows only
  7. Next, choose the partition drive and tap on the delete button
  8. At last press next to complete the clean installation for your windows 10

Download windows 10 latest updates

  1. Open the setting of your computer device and navigate to the Update & security option
  2. Further tap on check for updates button to download latest windows 10 updates

Therefore, troubleshooting blue screen error on your Windows 10 device is most probably possible with the help of the methods explained above. Apart from that, you can contact the customer support center of your Computer to get assistance from a technical expert if the Blue Screen Error has become a permanent issue.

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